About Us

mekkara fish hatchery thrissur

We know that fish farming can provide many profitable opportunities today. Mekkara Fish Farm,located in Mannuthy,Thrissur, is a specialized farm raising all kinds of fresh water fishes. As a fish farmer Mr.Anoop gave more importance to breeding and rearing fish including shellfish, monitoring water conditions and harvesting stock for sale at market.We also provide consultancy services about fish raising to the customers.We can help you, if you are looking for high quality breeds of fishes.

We are using natural methods for water filtration.Water quality of our farm is excellent and pollution free. We offer a wide range of fishes like Green chromide(Karimeen), Piloppi, Catla, Ayakura, Assam vala, Poomeen, Neymeen, Varal, Cora, Mushi, etc

We have home delivery of fish feed and baby fishes in wholesale rates. We give awareness to the customers who wants to start fish farming by providing water and soil testing, arranging nursery, etc.